Learning About Raspberry Ketones


Raspberry ketone is a very rare compound that is effective in burning fat.  The way it works is that the enzyme lets your body know that it should automatically turn fat into energy without even stepping foot on a treadmill.  You may be surprise to discover that this enzyme has been around since 1965 but people are just learning about it now.  The FDA allowed raspberry ketone to be on the generally recognized as safe listing.


If you watch the Dr. Oz show, you probably have seen the episode where he endorses raspberry ketone as one of the “Five Miracle Fat Burners.”  During the show, Dr. Oz had Lisa Lynn on the show to talk about what she thought of raspberry ketone.  Lisa is a fitness expert.  She stated that many of her clients lost weight with the help of the ketone.  Many of them had tried other diets or tried dieting on their own and could not lose the weight until they tried the amazing enzyme.  Lisa recommended to her clients that they take one pill about half an hour before they ate breakfast and another before lunch.


It can be tough to decide what weight loss program to try.  There are so many out there that claim they have a miracle cure for you to lose weight.  Anyone that has tried to lose weight in the past knows that losing the weight takes a lot longer than gaining weight.  The easiest way to decide on a program is to take a glance at the sources that are feeding this information to you.  You should also do some research and locate some valid claims.  Personal referrals are your best bet here.  If your sister or best friend has used this product and has lost weight, ask them their opinion of the product.  It is highly unlikely that your sister or best friend will lie to you.


Raspberry ketone is made from red raspberries and also has a powerful enzyme that blocks the fat consumption within the body to make it so that it’s not turn over into fat content.  This in turn makes it a lot easier for you to lose the pounds.  In addition, it arouses your metabolism so that whatever you eat is digested faster.


The enzyme comes in 100mg and is to be taken before breakfast.  It is important to remember that in addition to taking the ketone, you still need to eat healthy and exercise.  It is best that you write down what meals you are going to have for the next week.  You need fruits, vegetables, meats and grains each day.  Fruits and vegetables are very low in calories and are filling so you are not hungry for a while.  Grains will provide your body with more energy.  A good rule of thumb is to stay away from any foods that are white.  Those would be foods such as rice, flour and sugar.


If you like to eat bread, eat whole wheat instead of white.  Try brown rice instead of white or whole grains pastas.  Your body does need the right fats, however, such as unsaturated fats including nuts and fish.  Stay away from unhealthy fats such as Trans fats or hydrogenated fats.


One of the benefits of raspberry ketone is that it has no side effects at all.  Many prescription medications and even ones that are over the counter have side effects.  The only time you may have a problem with raspberry ketone is if you have an allergic reaction but the number of people that have experienced allergic reaction have been very small.


The main ingredient in raspberry ketone is the enzyme but there are other ingredients that also have a positive effect on your overall health.  The African mango extract controls hunger and assists the body in getting rid of fat quickly.  It also speeds up your metabolism.  The Acai berry is utilized to give the body the oxidants that it require in order to function the correct way.  Apple cider vinegar has been known to help with weight loss for many years now.


Now that you have heard all this amazing information, you may be wondering where to get this amazing product.  The best place is to buy it online.  Do not purchase it from a vendor selling it on the street or in a mall somewhere.  The reason for this is that it could be fake.  There are many websites selling the product.  Purchasing your product from a reputable website if very important. You should also be sure that the site you are ordering from is 100% secure. It is important to only process online payments through sites that are secure. Once you purchase raspberry ketone you may be amazed at the changes it helps you make to your body.

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